How to manage human resources in the fast changing world?

Success factor of company is – MANAGEMENT WHICH IS AIMED TO RESULT.

What such a management system provides?

1. People realize what they are being expected for.
2. Plans are being drawn and coordinated.
3. Together managers and employees are working in right direction and they aspire to productivity increasing.
4. Compensation (of labor) is directly linked with work results.

Sketchy management system which is aimed to result may appear in the following way:

1. Duties

It seems for me convenient so that list of duties of every employee contains 7 to 9 main (basic) duties (at that list of duties of all employees included self-development; and personnel management item was in such list for managers). Since after achieving of understanding of this short-spoken list there is a sense to create more detailed job description.

E.g. production manager duties:
1) Production volume,
2) Schedule,
3) Costs,
4) Staff management,
5) Safety measures,
6) Quality,
7) Facilities order,
8) Self-development.

This allows concentrating on main things and not to lose in much-word job description essence of the job.

At that not only manager must have clear employee’s work vision but employee must not less clearly realize what he is being expected for. As for management which is aimed to result it is very important aspect (not only during the list of duties making but in further work steps), a little more about this.

How to apply managing influence?

At which cases you can think that your management will reach a result?

During competition of our HR Managers School we included in professional test the question “What kinds of power (authority) is HR manager is given with?” and offered these answer choices:

    • law power,
    • encouragement power,
    • punishment power,
    • expert power,
    • example power,
  • and persuasion power.

After that discussion with candidates about this question has flamed up. So well it’s absolutely obvious that HR manager has only 3 last kinds of power. And despite chief company manager has first three kinds of power too I’m convinced that the most effective are the last ones and after concentrating totally my idea the last kind of power remains to be most effective — persuasion power. I think that if as a response to your managing influence you haven’t got as a manager “understand and accept”, you can only to amuse yourself by illusions of reaching something.

I.e. without realistic feedback of employee whose duties must be completely understood and accepted to execution by him (e.g. when job description is passed by HR staff member and even when if sacramental signature “acquainted and obligating” is gotten but without a list of duties discussion) you can not expect qualitative execution of it.

2. Objectives

It is necessary to learn to set objectives in business properly and to implement what you decided.
Objective is the final result which must be achieved as a result of implementing of these duties within defined time period. To formulate an objective it’s helpful to use following formula:


As I think no more than 5 to 7 objectives must be formulated. Objective is setting basing on duties list. E.g. production manager’s “cost” duty can correspond to the following objective: “I will be decreasing month costs level from 300 thousands to 280 thousands by December 31 of this year”.

3. Plans

Plan is list of steps which should be done for objective achieving.
While the previous stage is always being discussed with manager by employee, the plan can be discussed or can be not discussed with manager depending on employee’s experience and qualification. Plans can be short-term or long-term, simple or detailed. Chiefly it must be executive and it must contain points of reference.

4. Reports

It’s ideally if an employee makes self-assessment of achievement at first and then reports to manager. Frequency of report depends on work type and situation. Report itself just serves as basis for discussion of efficiency of whole work.

Work results always can be classified as one of three categories:
1) meet expectations,
2) less than expected,
3) more than expected.

5. Work compensation (salary)

Work compensation and work results may be interrelated in the following way:
1) When work results meets expectation employee can expect of bonus payment.
2) When results are less than expected employee can’t expect of bonus payment.
3) When results are more than expected employee can expect raise and bonus.

Basic difficulties I met while realizing of management aimed to result:
1. Amorphous vision of functional field of every employee by managers.
2. Inability of making duties list clear to executor neatly with feedback by managers.
3. Inability of setting countable objective. Generally, objective appears like in that fairy tale: go that way I don’t know which, bring me this I don’t know what.
4. Planning inability of many employees. In our Agency we developed and are applying planning system for almost a year. But from week to week I see huge difficulties upon this doing for actually self-management advanced employees. Endless statements “why is it needed? I will do it anyway. It’s hard to foresee everything” etc.
5. Huge difficulties in self-examination and reports making. For example; recently we turned to one of companies for which we execute orders for HR recruitment requesting for analysis of our work so we could improve it. We’ve been waiting for long time but haven’t seen analytics we needed. Surely, it’s difficult. And many managers are escaping from reports and analysis in every way. It reminds me well-known joke “Why think when need to shake”.
6. And what is a basic, common sentiment: “There is so changeable environment in Russia that any formalization, duties describing, planning etc. i.e. any numeration is doomed for failure. There is no point to do chicken-feed, we must work”.

What can I reply on this?!


Authour: Elena Raud, “Rezultat” magazine.
Translation by fazzz

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