How to manage human resources in the fast changing world?

Success factor of company is – MANAGEMENT WHICH IS AIMED TO RESULT.

What such a management system provides?

1. People realize what they are being expected for.
2. Plans are being drawn and coordinated.
3. Together managers and employees are working in right direction and they aspire to productivity increasing.
4. Compensation (of labor) is directly linked with work results.

Sketchy management system which is aimed to result may appear in the following way:

1. Duties

It seems for me convenient so that list of duties of every employee contains 7 to 9 main (basic) duties (at that list of duties of all employees included self-development; and personnel management item was in such list for managers). Since after achieving of understanding of this short-spoken list there is a sense to create more detailed job description.

E.g. production manager duties:
1) Production volume,
2) Schedule,
3) Costs,
4) Staff management,
5) Safety measures,
6) Quality,
7) Facilities order,
8) Self-development.

This allows concentrating on main things and not to lose in much-word job description essence of the job.

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